Security services, guards


Security services, guards

  • Date : 11/9/2020
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Security is an important issue in the management and operation of the building. Due to the large number of customers, many assets, security is extremely necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to set up building security procedures to ensure the best safety. The management board should establish:

• Building fire protection regulations, forms.

• Regularly patrolling the security guard, training on fire safety.

• Control assets, goods, and control guests and employees.

• Know how to handle protection problems quickly.

• Perform management and use of protective equipment.

• Handling emergencies, ...

Construction process of building security management is as follows:

• Survey and study the entire building structure. Including the entire design of the building, the entrance, ...

• Assess the security situation of the building.

• Make recommendations to protect security, arrange security guards.

• Make a specific plan for implementation of building protection activities.

• Develop contingency plans to prevent incidents.