Managing and operating buildings, apartments and apartment complexes


Managing and operating buildings, apartments and apartment complexes

  • Date : 17/9/2020
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- Building management is a business, providing services to ensure all activities of a building, including technical parts to customer care services are carried out with good quality. most and safest.

This is a factor that helps the investor to save a lot of money in the operation and operation of his building, in addition, an effective building management unit will be an important bridge to help customers. goods and investors have good relationships.

Building management includes office building management and apartment building management, however, each sector will have different operating mechanisms. And if the management of an office building or apartment building is not good, it will lead to an unbiased assessment of the value of the building. Therefore, the job of the management units is to help ensure that all operations of the building in general and apartments, offices in particular are run smoothly, stably and with the best quality.

- Management of an apartment building is a job that includes one or all activities related to the building to ensure that all residents living in the apartment building have a healthy, secure and safe living environment.

An apartment building consists of many apartments, and the number of people living in an apartment will reach hundreds of thousands of people, so the management of the apartment building will require a professional apartment manager to have can quickly respond to all needs and fix technical errors arising to bring satisfaction to all residents living in the apartment.

Building managers should do tasks, including:

• Financial management: It is necessary to ensure enough money that each customer pays monthly under a periodic expense. The court management is responsible for financial management in a clear and transparent manner, covering all administrative expenses related to the building.

• Human Resource Management: Each building will have different HR departments to serve each petition's needs. Human resources management is responsible for overseeing the activities of each employee to ensure that the job is done well, to take the appropriate sanctions and rewards.

• Customer management: Customer management board is responsible for taking care of all types of customers, solving needs and questions correctly. Need to do everything to always bring satisfaction and keep customers stay.

• Technical Maintenance: In the building there are many technical equipment that need to be checked regularly to ensure all the smooth operation of the whole building system.

Management of repair and construction contractors ...

The next building operation management process is the management of the contractor. This is the process of implementing the management of investment contractors. This process is essential for the management and operation of the building. The content of the process includes:

• Receive public input on contractor development plans.

• Prepare detailed bidding plans.

• Contractor management plans.

• Expense plan with contractor.

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