Cleaning service


Cleaning service

  • Date : 11/9/2020
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Building cleaning management process

Normally, in apartment buildings there are often large numbers of people passing by. This is very easy to lose control of the hygiene of the building is not easy. Therefore, it is necessary to have a hygienic management method for the building.

Building management should devise building cleaning plans. Specifically, it is necessary to clean from the outside to the apartment, garage, elevator, ... The cleaning plans should be the most complete and detailed. In addition, the management board needs to issue regulations on waste treatment. This helps to ensure the building's hygiene, improving the reputation of the investor. The management process is implemented as follows:

• Surveying the specific items of the building.

• Evaluate and schedule cleaning for each individual item.

• Implementation of deployment work.

• Develop more support options to ensure work efficiency.

Building cleaning is an essential issue in the building operation management process. The implementation activities are guaranteed to be performed daily, or periodically.