Technical services


Technical services

  • Date : 17/9/2020
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The apartment building with modern and synchronous facilities, materials will attract more guests. Therefore, it is necessary to have a scientific and technical building management process. Specifically, the building management board should come up with plans:

• Building maintenance, warranty and repair procedures.

• Plan for maintenance of construction works.

• Plan for maintaining air conditioners, elevators, ...

• The above processes help to meet and satisfy the essential needs of customers. Not only helps attract more customers but also increases the reputation of the investor. The process is implemented as follows:

• Check, survey the entire equipment system in the building.

• Values ​​on the current state of the technical system of the building.

• Suggestions for fixing pre-existing problems.

• Plan specific operating procedures (operations, maintenance, replacement, ...).

• Make suggestions for solving problems that may arise.