Customer service


Customer service

  • Date : 11/9/2020
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High-rise buildings all have a large number of customers with many different audiences. That can be tenants, renting offices, renting shops, ... Building a customer management process when the building has a huge number of residents and guests. This requires the management board to have effective management and control solutions.

Guest management process makes it easier for management to control customers. Customer management process includes:

• Build a list of customers to manage. Add new customers and remove old customers who are no longer using the service.

• Manage the guests using the meeting room.

• Survey according to customer requirements and desires.

• Handle complaints and set up required forms.

• Decoration and marketing according to customer requirements.

• Ensure safety and security of customers in the building.

• Manage customer cleaning processes.

• Management of customer assets.

• Welcoming and guiding customers when coming to work at the building.

• Maintenance and repair of customer property.

• Forms, attitudes and manners of staff with customers.

• Manage the equipment and services of the apartment building.

The customer management process should have a detailed plan. The items should be clearly stated to ensure simple and effective customer care.